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Introducing the easiest way to build camera features in your apps

Building camera functionality inside your apps doesn’t need to be hard.

Our SDKs are ready for the latest Apple and Android devices and operating systems. We have worked hard to put the powerful photo and video capabilities of modern mobile hardware in your hands.

Simply install our SDK for iOS or Android. You get full camera functionality with photo and video capture, instant previews, private S3 uploads of original images, thumbnails, metadata.

// Swift - iOS 10+

import RealitySensor

    // Init a photo capture session
    let session = RSPhotoSession()
    // Use RSVideoSession for video capture
    // let session = RSVideoSession()
    let previewView = RSPreviewView(frame: self.view.bounds)
    previewView.session = session

// Java - Android 8+

private RealitySensorView rsView;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
rsView = findViewById(R.id.camera);
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Developer Friendly

Supports Swift 5, Java


Web Portal for developers to configure what is captured and how

Device Support

Supports iPhone, iPad and over 30 Android devices

Multi Format Photos

Capture Photos in JPEG, RAW, HDR

Rich Previews

Get Instant Previews of Captures

Private S3 Uploads

Simple API to safely and privately integrate with your backends

Scan Everything

Scan QR codes, barcdoes, checks, documents, OCR

Augmented Reality

Object detection, scene detection, unsafe content detection, augmented reality capabilities including people occlusion, horizontal and vertical plane detection, coaching, 3D object interaction


Support video capture at 720p, 1080p, 4K@60fps, 4K@120fps


Customize with your logo, branding

Machine Learning

Get the power of the latest advancements in computer vision

Multi Language

Localized for 7 International Languages

Computer Vision Made Simple

With Reality Sensor, you get the power of the latest advancements in computer vision. Our machine learning models run on-device and allow you to do far more than scanning codes.

We recognize receipts, documents, landmarks, human poses, faces, clothes, sneakers, animals, plants, brands, celebrities.

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